Adaptive Account Request Form

Adaptive Account Request Form

NEW: starting in late 2017, the AT lab in Scott Library will require students to use their YU Card to access the lab. By completing the form below, you agree that you have read and completely understand the following:

In order to provide YuCard access to the lab, a small number of staff from Library Accessibility Services, Security and University Information Technology (UIT) will have access to your student number. The door access process will be automated and staff will not be actively looking at users on the access list. In cases where Security or UIT staff may need to check the list, they will only be able to see your student number and not any confidential information about you. However, since the list contains student numbers only of students who have access to the AT labs, staff could presume that you are affiliated with Disability Services.

Security and UIT staff must respect your privacy by adhering to their respective strict confidentiality policies. These policies require that staff not disclose or provide access to confidential information, including any student IDs that will appear on the access list.

- No need to look up a new password each month to access the lab
- Once you activate your YuCard, you can enter the lab during regular hours
- Students will be able to swipe into the lab on a 24 hour basis during extended library hours
- YuCard access ensures only registered students will use the space and equipment

Note that if your YUCard is an older version, please ensure you obtain a new one at no cost by visitng the YuCard office. Please see the following link for more details: